1. Take before pictures

2. Gut the house, then take pictures

3. Repair or replace the roof

Some of the next items can be undertaken concurrently. For example, you could start working on windows and doors. In San Antonio Historic Districts, you’re pretty much required to restore the old/original wood windows. You can scrape and sand, prime and paint while plumbing and wiring are being done.

For the next two steps, big decisions have to be made because you have to know where everything goes: faucets (interior and exterior), water heater, toilets, tubs and showers, vegetable sink, washer/dryer, garbage disposal, dishwasher, refrigerator. You also have to know where all the light switches and electrical outlets are going. I prefer doing the plumbing before the wiring because it gives me a better idea of where I need plugs, switches, and lights, vent hood, bathroom vents, etc.

You’ll want to do the plumbing and electrical work before installing the sheet rock. If some of your flooring had to be removed during demolition, leave the floors open and the beams exposed; that’ll make things easier for the plumber.

Take pictures of exposed plumbing and wiring; it’s a nice visual you may need later

4. Install new plumbing – and take pictures of exposed plumbing before closing up the walls and floors

Before you jump into electrical work, remember a couple of things: first you can’t have enough plugs. Secondly, your electrician may not be esthetically oriented so remember that you’ll want him to center the light fixtures over the vanities with the faucets.

5. Install new wiring – and take pictures of exposed wiring before closing up the walls and floors

6. First sanding of the wood floors and close up any open floors

7. Install HVAC

8. Blow insulation in the walls and attic

9. Sheet rock, texture, and interior paint

10. Install crown molding (optional)

11. Install cabinetry

12. Install baseboards

13. Second sanding of the floors and staining

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