Finding your dream home isn’t always difficult, but achieving your goal of successfully purchasing a home can cause you to lose sleep. One of the biggest obstacles is going to be other buyers. There’s a lot of competition in our market. Here are the steps your agent will guide you through:

  1. decide what type of property will meet your needs (size, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, price range, etc.);
  2. meet with a lender and obtain a pre-approval letter (your agent can help you navigate this process);
  3. find homes you like – this is usually done through an Internet search;
  4. have your REALTOR by your side to go tour the homes in person;
  5. choose the property you would like to make an offer on;
  6. decide how much to offer (considering that many sellers receive multiple offers you have to compete with);
  7. make sure all the proper documents are gathered (seller’s disclosures, the survey, addenda for the HOA or for lead-based paint if applicable, etc.)
  8. once you have a house under contract, the first few days are going to be critical. You and your agent have to make sure the earnest and option money fees are paid in a timely manner, you’ll likely get an inspection, and you also probably renegotiate based on the inspection results. Typically you have about 10 days to do all this with your agent managing the timeline and advising you along the way. Assuming you and the sellers come to an agreement, you’re headed toward closing. But there’s still a lot to be done; you will
  9. work closely with your lender and turn in A LOT of information; in order to close on time, everything has to be done in a timely manner. Your agent will work with your lender to keep you on track;
  10. your lender will order your appraisal and this is another step where the transaction cold be derailed; if the property doesn’t appraise, there are more decisions to be made by the buyer and the seller; but once the has appraised at a minimum of contract value or everyone agrees and your lender has all the documentation they require, it should be smooth sailing;
  11. closing day is here 🙂

Keep in mind, this is a simple scenario and other could come into play. For example:

  • the seller may want to lease the house back for a few days after closing
  • you may move in and lease the house for a few days before closing

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