These pictures come from different houses all over San Antonio. Unfortunately, I missed many opportunities over the years, but I’ll do my best to take a picture of every oddity I come across from now on – so stay tuned.

When a potential buyer comes to look at a house that has been restored, remodeled, updated, etc. he’s going to look carefully and notice any flaw.

If the most visible work doesn’t look good, isn’t done right, for example if the painter was sloppy or the electrician cut two face places and connected them together rather than use a double plate – one can’t help but wonder about what’s behind the walls. What about all the work you can’t see? Buyers will walk away, no, RUN away if they notice that the contractor didn’t put all the care he possibly could put into the visible details of his project.
So here are some examples and perhaps a couple of words of advice.